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Passive Income Partner Programs.



My Passive Trades

Earn Up To 1.25% Daily Long Term.

Real Trading With Trading Proof



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Cloud Token Wallet


Does You Bitcoin Wallet Pay You For Holding Your Crypto / Money ???

This One Does !!!


Minimum $500 Deposit Into Arbitrage Program

To Earn Back 10% Monthly In Cloud Tokens.


You Can Access Your Bitcoin Any Time Like Any Other Bitcoin Wallet.


Crypto Visa/Mastercard Release In August


Cloud Tokens Also Increase In Value In June was $0.30 Now $0.475.

So The Value Increase Is Additional Income.

Imagine When It Is $100 Each In 2020


You Will Need To Enter Referral ID When You Download App To Register.


Referral ID.    0408832891


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S Block Token Wallet

Does You Bitcoin Wallet Pay You For Holding Your Crypto / Money ???

This One Does !!!


Get Paid To Have Money In Your Crypto Currency Wallet.


S BLOCK is an ecosystem that manages and appreciates your digital assets.


Crypto Visa/Mastercard Release Coming Soon.


Minimum Deposit $300 For Daily Returns In SBO Tokens 




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Torque Bot Systems & Wallet


Torque Trading Systems - Pre-Launch Large-Scale and Legal Legit Project from Singapore! #Torque


Company established since 2011


Company with open leadership, official launch Dec. 2019
Physical offices, a team of managers with business operations in 9 countries.
Team of traders in 5 countries.
Own Big mining farms in Vietnam and Malaysia
Passive income: 0.15–0.45% per day, 7/7, the possibility of compound interest
Deposits in BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT from $ 180 at the rate (1 ETH)
Deposits are not frozen, there is no minimum withdrawal
Excellent compensation plan: income from income of partners more than 97% daily from 7 levels
Commissions are paid ONLY from the company's net profit
100% Transparent and 100% Liquid


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Sports Trading Btc


Earn up to 2% Daily.


With The Ultimate Combination.


Sports Trading + Cryptocurrency = Winning Big




3 Income Streams.


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