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You Have 2 Options.
Option 1. We Do The Work For You So You Can Get Paid Referrals By Creating A Support Ticket.
This Way Everyone Can Get At least 2 Referrals.
Option 2. You Will Find Your Referral Link Under Promotion In Your Backoffice.
Make Sure Not To Post Your Referral Link In Facebook Or Send In Messenger To People.
This Is Most Important As Our Website Link Will Be Banned For Spamming.
All Sponsors Must Pay For There Referrals Within 7 Days Of joining As A Free Member.
Failure To Do So Will Result In Loss Of That Referral.
As Free Members Just Slow Earnings Down For All Members. We Also Have A Number Of Members Who Are Prepared To PIF Referrals In.
To PIF Your Referrals. Just Purchase Them A Position
In The Menu Under Finance Is Purchase Positions For Another Member
The Road To Freedom Plan Has 30 Stops To Make With 2 Friends.
One $0.20 cent Position Gets You $98,000 In Donations.
You Receive Donations On Every Level To Your Earnings Wallet.
This Plan Is Designed For Everyone Worldwide To Be Able To Get Donations.
The Fast Track Plan Has Only 10 Stops To Make With 2 Friends.
One $5 Position Gets You $700 In Donations And 8 Extra Positions In Stop 1
You Receive Donations On Every Level To Your Earnings Wallet.
This Is A Very Fast Plan
To Purchase Paid Referrals Just Simply Purchase Referrals From Your Back Office
Under Finance Is Purchase Referrals.
Yes All Details Are Securely Stored In Our System And Will Not Be Shared Outside Of RTF 2019.
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