Many find MRIs intimidating. The RMN Bucuresti method is designed to be seamless and comfortable. When you enter their facilities, empathetic staff work to make your stay stress-free.

Check-in at the reception desk; the pleasant staff will help you with the paperwork. This initial phase is critical because it enables the medical team to acquire all pertinent medical history and imaging-related information. After completing the papers, you are taken to a quiet waiting area to alleviate pre-scan nerves.

A radiologic technologist will describe the scan before it. Ask any questions now. They will explain an MRI, how long it takes, and what to expect. They ensure you’re informed and comfortable before going to RMN Bucuresti because they realize information reduces worry.

To avoid metal interference, you’ll wear a hospital robe. MRI magnets can damage jewelry, watches, and credit cards; thus, they must be stored safely. The technologist will help you sit comfortably on the MRI table when ready. Pillows and blankets are available to assist you during the scan.

The tube-like structure will surround you as the table enters the MRI machine. The equipment may seem daunting, but RMN Bucuresti’s latest MRI technologies are built for patient comfort. The interiors are well-lit and airy to avoid claustrophobia. The technician will speak to you over the intercom to reassure and update you during the scan.

Staying motionless during the MRI ensures quality images. You’ll get earplugs or headphones to block the machine’s loud thumping and whirring. The peaceful music and guided meditation CDs help many patients relax. RMN Bucuresti has many amenities to help you unwind.

The scan usually takes 15–45 minutes, depending on the location. This is when the technician will update you on progress and timing. Contact the technician if you need help or are uncomfortable.

After the scan, you’ll return to the changing area to get your stuff and change. Your radiologic technician will give you early input and an estimated outcome time. RMN Bucuresti prioritizes results delivery to ensure fast diagnosis and treatment planning.